How To Keep It Cheap And Chill During The Summer With A Bit Of Seriousness!

When it comes to the favorite part of the year, there is no secret that summer would be the top pick for most of the people. Everyone gets impatient when the weather changes and the days are hot more often than not. 

The schools are off, kids are on summer breaks, people are taking their holidays, but the offices are still running, and, more pertinently, using air conditioners. You can learn more about this topic on this website.

A Bit Of Seriousness

All those things might sound like fun. It is because they are when the shifts are over, the clock stops ticking, and that is when the “party” starts. Plants are blooming, and nature is calling us out to enjoy its warm embrace. 

That said, we can all agree that the things as shiny as they seem, can be too shiny sometimes, and warmer than it should. That is in nature’s way and it’s okay, but global warming is an actual thing. It is happening and we need to take care of it in time before it gets out of control. 

The easiest thing to do that comes to mind is, use less of the plastic and a connection to a renewable power source. When it comes to those two, plastic is the easier part. The way to alter this is to lower the usage. You can change day-to-day choices like switching to biodegradable packaging. When it comes to renewable power sources, solar power is the way to go. Especially in scorching sunny summer.

Switching To Biodegradable Packaging

When it comes to switching from plastic bags to biodegradable ones, it would be good to know more about it. Biodegradability is the property of a material to decompose by itself, or naturally with the help of bacteria and fungi. 

For materials to be classified as biodegradable, they must be able to completely decompose. The time needed for that process to happen is also supposed to be less than a year. As a result, waste buildup is reduced, creating a cleaner and healthier environment. 

Biodegradable packaging usually includes corrugated cardboard. Some companies insist that there are plastics that are biodegradable, but you should be careful when it comes to such claims. It cannot break down; it only breaks into smaller and smaller pieces and it potentially lasts forever. 

The only hope is the new development in science. As of today, scientists are creating ways to biodegrade it. The things that are most likely to happen in that field are using living organisms to digest it.

Here’s one brain cookie for the info nerds out there. Besides biodegradable materials, there are also compostable materials. They are similar in a way that they are both biodegradable by natural processes. The difference is that compostable materials provide the earth with nutrient material. But there is the catch – compostable materials need special composting conditions. 

A Bit More About Renewable Power Sources

When it comes to renewable power sources, there are a few standard options that come to mind. For the majority of people, the first associations are wind, solar, and hydropower. Besides that, we also have geothermal, and biomass.

Wind Energy captures the power of airflow of the natural wind in the environment. It uses the motion of the wind to create mechanical energy, and convert it into electricity. The wind results from atmospheric pressure differences. Wind speeds vary based on season, geography, and topography. Some geological locations are better suited for placing wind energy generators. For example, wind speeds are greater near the coast and offshore. Lack of obstacles for the wind to pass through, mountains, vegetation, buildings that can slow it down.

Solar energy is a way to go for individual acts, and is the most abundant renewable energy source. Solar energy systems and technology work by converting sunlight energy into electricity. There are two major dominant technologies in use: solar photovoltaics and solar thermal. The usage of solar power technology is easy, the services that do that are all over the world. Home solar power arrays are quite common and are becoming even more common as prices go down. The only key factor which hinders solar power adoption besides price is sunlight exposure – more northerly latitudes tend to get less use out of their solar panels due to shorter days.

Hydropower or hydroelectricity harnesses the power of the water flow. It converts the mechanical energy that waterfall creates into electrical energy through a generator. It’s used in big systems for massive electricity production. It needs a dam to be built on rivers to create artificial lakes so we can control the waterfall. Falling water kicks the process of mechanical movement that is converted into electricity. It is following the natural water cycle process of evaporation and rain.

A geothermal energy source is gathering or harvesting heat from the earth’s crust. It uses steam to rotate the turbine that activates the generator, producing electricity. Geothermal power plants have three categories: binary cycle, flash steam, and dry steam. This energy source is dependent on naturally-occurring geothermal activity and cannot be artificially created.

Biomass uses heat to create electricity by using natural organic-based ingredients. This energy production is referred to as Bioenergy. Also, the biological wastage from home usage and also industrial can be used as fuel. The physical composition of biomass includes carbon, water, and organic parts. It has projected that biofuels can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions per year. 

Cheap And Chill And A Good Way To Go 

So I guess the question here is where is the cheap and chill part of the learning curve that we stumbled upon. Well, for the money-saving part, set up a solar power panel. With a little more investment at the beginning, it pays for itself in following years of usage. And also can be used for a variety of purposes, even in some cabin in the middle of nowhere. As long as it has good sun exposure, it can be an excellent idea for off-grid life. That’s the cheap part. The chill part is that you can use it as mentioned off-grid systems. Also, you can attach an air conditioning mechanism, and there you go. Free electricity, and the free chilling solution.